About Us

YILDIZ ŞEMSİYE, founded by Ayhan Kış in 1995, new designs to attract the attention of the world umbrella sector in the pride of being the foremost name in the industry continues to travel.

The paragraph starting with the broad technical staff will change as follows; The large technical staff, the business of the younger generation and Adana factory to a closed area nearly 10.000 m2 and newly established. A new excitement by opening the Antalya factory with 5000 m2 closed area. The stars in the Umbrella are inevitable rise, quality, design and most importantly customer satisfaction he owes his debt. Our company; 24-25 years of experience and Bodrum, Antalya, K.K.T.C. Girne showrooms and customers faster sales and service.

Ayhan Kış
The Chairman

Demokan Kış
Production Manager

Kayhan Kış
Operations Manager
Mechanical Engineer

Ayça Kış
Sales Manager